4 Ways to Build Trust

In this FREE Webinar, Relationship Expert and Former Sassy Teenager, Aly Pain discusses how parents can build trust with their teenager during the most tumultuous developmental stage in parenting life.

Understanding BIG Feelings

It’s difficult to see your teen struggling with big feelings and even worse when they can’t even explain what they’re feeling or why. Aly explains why your teens need your unconditional support and empathy and how to work on emotional literacy after the dust has settled.

Helping Them Cope

Teens are painfully aware of the pressure to succeed by getting good grades and feel so afraid of failing that some even stop trying. Aly discusses how to balance encouraging them to reach their potential with easing the pressure that has them struggling with anxiety.

Setting Reasonable Limits

Creating and enforcing boundaries is important at any stage of parenting and with all the potential pitfalls facing teenagers, teen years are no different. Aly shares how setting reasonable limits gives teens the flexibility to make their own decisions while maintaining the rules that keep them safe from bad choices.

Giving Them Privacy

Technology has given us unprecedented access to our teen’s private life. It’s as simple as unlocking their phone and scrolling through a few hundred texts. Aly shares how it destroys trust and instead, offers up advice on how to get your teen talking (even about the stuff they may not want to share with you).

I attended Aly’s session on building trust with your teen. It was the most practical and useful information on raising teens that I’ve ever received. Aly is engaging and real, and her understanding of teens’ perspectives has been key to helping me communicate more effectively with my sons.

Cheryl S.

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