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What if you could have respectful conversations with your teen without the nagging or blow-ups?


I joined Aly’s 5-day live group and learned so much! I have always tried to be an active parent – reading parenting books and going to counseling to help and I feel I learned more in the 5 days spent with Aly than all those combined! She is so caring and knowledgeable! She helped me see the difference between boundaries and expectations and how my demanding parenting style (my words, not hers) is not working for us. By changing my mindset, my relationships with my daughters can change for the better.
Sherry K

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While you’d like to think the workload lightens when your kids become independent, the truth is, parenting in the teen years feel harder (enter frustration, exhaustion or feeling hopeless). I know how defeating it feels to give everything and feel unappreciated, disrespected, and heartbroken. I questioned my value as a parent and was sure I was failing.

My LIVE Challenge5 Days to a Better Relationship With Your Teen, was created from my own trials as a mom of teen boys, ‘aunt’ to many teen girls, and years of experience as a Relationship Coach supporting families just like yours. This challenge is the fastest, simplest way to move from feeling like you’re walking on eggshells to a respectful and more connected relationship with your teen.

When you’re feeling stressed, anything new can feel hard. That’s why I’m personally walking you through simple steps and tools that will make a big difference in your relationship with your teen. Daily sessions are short and sweet, focusing on one specific area of parentingso you get the most value for just $15!

Topics include:

💖 Improving communication – saying what you need without yelling or nagging
💖 Identifying negative patterns – knowing how to stop them before they take over
💖 Setting reasonable limits – building respect with boundaries and consequences
💖 Conversation starters – creating a meaningful connection with your teen
💖 Creating relationship awareness – deciding your next step with clarity

This 5-day challenge came at just the right time. My daughter is trying to push all her friends and family away, failing school, acting out, and talking back. It’s just not like her and it honestly blindsided me. This challenge helped calm the storm. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.
Karrah O.

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