Aly Pain: Master Coach and Professional Speaker

Aly Pain is fiercely passionate about helping people break free of feeling angry, frustrated, powerless and hopeless, by living in healthy, sustainable relationships at work, and at home.

She uses her expertise as a Relationship Systems Expert to help you respectfully resolve confidential and costly conflictual situations and create more ease, clarity, confidence, and greater results. Aly brings her bold, authentic style, along with over 2 decades of experience to developing and delivering her coaching programs, keynotes and workshops that move you forward, faster, both personally and professionally.

Born and raised in Kelowna, BC, Aly began her speaking career at the age of 7. She won the honour of being the emcee at her Elementary School Christmas Pageant because she could clearly project her voice in a gymnasium of 300 people without a microphone. That was just the beginning…

As an advanced student in school, Aly was often helping her teachers in class and her peers with their work. She loved helping others learn with a unique way of explaining difficult concepts. Although it seemed teaching was her calling, Aly wasn’t interested in a class full of kids!

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. – Rumi

When she wasn’t leading a student committee or on the mic, she was playing and excelling at one of many sports leading to numerous awards and an entire wall full of medals and ribbons by the end of high school. Between her hat trick in soccer at age 6 and being awarded the Top Female Academic and Athlete Award in Grade 12, she also had the honour of carrying the torch through Kelowna for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games Torch Relay.

After her post-secondary education becoming a Biomedical Electronics Technologist, combining skill and compassion at just 22yrs old, Aly took a strong leadership role by creating and delivering a ground breaking technical training program for the BC Government for home patients. The program focused on helping them reduce their fears, and better understand the medical equipment they now had in their homes which dramatically decreased emergency and after-hours service calls. That success led to her also developing and delivering training for all Community Clinic Nursing Staff in BC on new and upgraded kidney dialysis equipment.

It wasn’t teaching that was driving her, it was empowering people.

Aly spent a decade in personal development programs as a participant, assistant and facilitator candidate, learning the nuances of effective communication, personality styles and the critical elements of powerful leadership.

Along with 15 years of training and facilitating groups on hard and soft skills, Aly took her career to the next level through coaching with CTI (Coaches training Institute). She went on to become certified (one of the first 70 people globally) in Organizational Team and Relationship Systems Coaching. Aly is currently pursuing her Master Certified Coach designation through the International Coach Federation – the highest and most rigorous worldwide standard.

Aly and her husband met in their early youth at a family reunion; now that’s a story (and no, they are NOT related)! After 20 years of marriage, living the adventure of being an Olympic family, and raising two of the best children ever, they currently reside in Vernon, BC. When her family is not running to children’s activities like snowboarding at Silver Star and lacrosse, basketball and volleyball games around the valley, they enjoy camping and soaking up the summer sun at the beach. Aly is happy shaking it at daily Zumba classes as a certified instructor, hiking, SUPing, and snowshoeing.

Relationships have the power to heal and the power to harm.

about_aly_sidelongShe brings her experience being the wife of a 3-Time Olympian and silver medalist, Jeff Pain, and living on the inside of a high-performance team, to the boardroom. Aly truly understands what it takes to reach your podium!

Her passion for family goes much farther than her own. She works with Executive families and Family Enterprises through GenN Family Office to have conversations that matter for developing family counsels, ongoing education, preparing beneficiaries and succession planning. Aly understands that when family and business mix there are more layers to pay attention to and each is entirely unique in the solutions they find.

Her speaking audiences are Professional Organizations, Managers and Entrepreneurs wanting to grow their awareness of how teams work while getting more out of them, and leave with clear, simple tools to immediately implement in their organizations so they avoid the most common mistakes today. Aly works collaboratively with event organizers to be relevant and on-time as an enthusiastic Emcee, keynote and breakout session speaker to groups up to 500 people.