Are you ready to take your Executive Team or Professional Group to a whole new level? Get your Team geared up to go farther and faster in Aly’s Corporate Retreats.

Executive Teams/Professional Groups are comprised of strong leaders who often have very different points of view. This leads to dissension in the ranks and getting to any decision feeling like pushing a boulder up hill. When the team at the top level spends more time arguing for position or avoiding what really needs to be said, than making key decisions and moving forward, the entire organization suffers and so does the bottom line.

Having key stakeholders away from the office for any amount of time carries a cost. Without an outside party bringing structure, corporate retreats often become social parties or a drunken boondoggle, which aren’t likely seen as favorable to your board when little to no action is taken to move the organization forward upon your return. Aly is committed to keeping you focused, while creating the learning and action you need to show a multiple return on your retreat.

Whether this is an on-site or off-site, one-day or multi-day event, your team will leave more aligned on the vision, values and goals of the organization. Aly shows you how to leverage different leadership styles on your Team to feel heard and get to key decisions faster. Using her no-nonsense approach, Aly shares tangible tools for better communication, effective meetings and decision making, while supporting greater clarity on what your Team is trying to create in the short and long term. When the team at the top is clear and united, the rest of the company performs better.

Aly works with you to create a customized agenda for your retreat to ensure you are getting the outcomes you need that address your greatest challenges. She has worked in a number of popular areas in Canada and the US with private and public companies and groups such as Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). As an experienced corporate retreat facilitator and coach, she delivers results by engaging meaningful and focused conversation, along with adding adventure based or social activities with health and wellness components for a memorable and robust experience.

Aly’s experience and perspective was integral in making sure we achieved the right balance of material in the agenda to keep a high level of engagement focused on the desired outcomes. Her style and energy resonated well with the group and … she maintained engagement and enthusiasm. In the months since [our retreat], we have successfully built upon the foundation established in Miami and held collaborative meetings on projects that have led to significant improvements in design and improved capital efficiency.

Joe Kuhach – Ivanhoe Energy, Calgary, AB

Benefits of Corporate Retreats

Your Executives will leave with a clearer understanding of:

  • Clear corporate purpose and vision statements to get behind and use for employee engagement
  • Strengths and challenges in the team and how to leverage them
  • Where the organization is going in the short and long term and what it means for key players
  • The role each department plays in accomplishing the overall goals with tangible measurements
  • Effective meeting structure and frequency to get more done in less time
  • Installing accountability in the culture as a powerful and positive tool
  • Transparency and feedback as tools to build trust and manage conflict
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