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Aly Pain delivers a passionate and relevant message about effective communication and engaging leadership based on her decade in personal development, and years of coaching Executives and Corporate Teams. She brings her stories from award-winning boardrooms to educate and enlighten others on what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to having cultures that drive cash flow.

Her passion and expertise is empowering Teams and Organizations to develop clarity and alignment for their teams to connect, collaborate and create more than they thought possible, and have fun doing it!  Living inside a high performance team as the wife of Jeff Pain, 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist means she knows what it takes to reach the podium.

Remove the Mystery, Reveal the Magic – 3 Keys to Creating a High Performance Team

Audience – Managers, Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs (60-90 minutes)

As the leader in your organization you may be frustrated that your employees are not performing at the level you desire or expect. In spite of your best efforts the organizations’ communications may be breaking down somewhere between your vision and their implementation. Instead of working on growing the business, you are spending more time in reaction and putting out fires and your stress level is spilling into your personal life. Now, rather than building a positive, empowering culture, you are focused on every detail that is going wrong. And the result? A costly, poorly performing team in danger of high turn over.

Key takeaways

  • Simple and frequently overlooked tools to instantly improve communication while creating a common language in your organization for lasting results
  • The truth about conflict and delivering critical messages so people hear what needs to be said without starting a war
  • Getting the right people doing the right things with precise clarity on what needs to be done and by when, while remembering why it all matters
  • Creating a proactive and innovative attitude in the organization that fosters a ‘do what it takes’ culture
  • Using accountability for good, not evil, as a tool for engagement and higher retention
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Decoding the Interspecies Language Barrier – How To Speak And Be Heard By Others

Audience – Managers, End Users, Entrepreneurs, Professional Associations (60-90 minutes)

Have you ever felt like you need an interpreter in simple, yet frustrating conversations, even when you’re both speaking the same language?! No matter what you say or how you say it, you don’t feel heard and your stress level is showing. This person was either specifically chosen to push your every button or they truly are out of their league. Eventually you are excluding them from meetings and hiring carrier pigeons to deliver memos to avoid them all together. The problem is, they have key knowledge, skills and perspective you need to move forward and you are feeling lost at how to access it. It’s up to you to find the answer, and fast, before it costs more money or the loss of an employee.

Key takeaways

  • A humorous and in depth understanding of our inherent differences and the problems that arise from them
  • Personal awareness of strengths and challenges based on the way we show up in the world, and how we impact others
  • Key behaviors to use so others trust you faster and hear you better
  • Quick tools to understand how hear you others and adapt your communication to them
  • Leveraging differences to diffuse conflict and picking the right mediator
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Creating Sustainable Success – Go Farther And Have Fun Because Burnout Is Overrated

Audience – Entrepreneurs, User Groups, Professional Associations (2 hours)

Come along for the ride hearing Aly’s most personal stories of her own journey as an Entrepreneur and being part of an Olympic family. From living in poverty trying to support her husband’s Olympic dream and her early days of stalking clients in a mall wearing a pink t-shirt, to later resenting her calendar and 6-figure business. Aly created the perfect business and lost herself in the process of pursuing what success looked like to others. Having started her business over in the way she imagined and dreamed of 20 years ago, she shares the lessons she learned, and learning the hard way, about staying true to yourself and creating a positive impact on your path to success.

Key takeaways

  • Remembering your WHY as an anchor to bring meaning in dark times
  • Staying clear and bypassing shiny objects to cut through the noise
  • Creating a polarizing brand to get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t
  • Being assertive in the face of fear, or being fired
  • Staying balanced with health and relationships while driving in the fast lane
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From Forming to Performing – Creating A Strong Foundation For A Successful Journey

Audience – Emerging Entrepreneurs and Small Business Leaders (60-90 minutes)

Fire, ready, aim! Not exactly the order that works best, or was intended, yet most business start and stumble along this way. At some point you start bleeding money or people and both take a massive toll. Making it big, and making money means finding the balance between your savvy business plan and the passionate visionary leading the venture. Learning to leverage and align both sides in a powerful partnership is the simple recipe for success in all stages.

Key takeaways

  • It all starts with WHY
  • If you already know how to create your success, you’re aiming too small
  • Action for the sake of feeling productive is spinning your wheels
  • Complicated strategies are a waste of time
  • Measuring meaningful metrics supports engagement and accountability
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