About Aly Pain

Aly Pain is fiercely passionate about the unique and unlimited potential in every person. She uses her training and gifts to help you cut through your crap and chaos to find it, own it and act on it. She brings her bold, authentic and skilled coaching to developing and delivering her Exponentially You Programs, keynotes and workshops that move you forward, faster, both personally and professionally.

My Name is Aly and I’m a Hugger

Hugging isn’t just something I love to do, it’s part of my brand. My primary love language is touch and hugging is how I constructively (not in a creepy way!) meet that need within my family, friends, colleagues and clients. As technology allows us to live more and more in virtual relationships without ever needing [...]

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The Scientific Benefits of Having a Good DHQ

My name is Aly, and I’m a hugger. My primary love language is touch and hugging is how I constructively meet that need within my family and friends. As technology allows us to live more and more in virtual relationships without ever needing a physical presence, I think hugging is becoming a lost art. We [...]

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Confidence Is The Cornerstone To Success

Do you have big ambitions that you feel are so hopelessly far from achievable that you don’t even have it in you to take a single step? Do you find yourself so stuck on where to start that you resign yourself to never getting there? This post is a follow up to my Execution Epidemic [...]

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Is Your Business Stuck In Start-Up Mode?

Is your business stuck in start-up mode, unable to get past that initial growth phase you experienced in the very beginning? You know, that feeling like something is just stuck and not matter how hard you work or what you try you can’t seem to get to what you just know is possible? It’s not [...]

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I Did It! Setting Goals That Work

How many times have you tried setting a goal and in spite of your best efforts, not gotten there? I think we all have. The frustration and self-deprecation that follow can make being at the bottom of an avalanche seem like a good day. When you have this experience often enough, you eventually stop setting [...]

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The Grass Isn’t Greener Over There

Travel provides the extraordinary privilege of perspective. Today, I saw the world from the sky and land as I flew to Calgary, AB for a week with fabulous clients. As the plane approached the runway flying over Calgary, I was taken by how brown the city looked. Having lived there for 18 years, I wasn’t [...]

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Decoding The Interspecies Language Barrier

What is your leadership style? Are you a get-it-done type or a caring, relationship builder? Are you touchy feely, go-with-your gut person or a cautious, information gatherer? Are you direct, often interpreted as blunt, or more emotional, viewed as wishy-washy? Knowing your leadership style is important to your success in both your business and personal [...]

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Aly Pain Top 10 Ways Leaders Set Their People Up to Fail

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