Become a Boundaries Boss

Become a Boundaries Boss!

You’ve tried tough love, soft love, and everything in between to get your teenager to take responsibility but nothing is working and you’re at your wits end!

You’re not alone, trust me. If you’re like me, you weren’t trained how to parent a teen let alone how to set and hold effective boundaries. It doesn’t mean you’re failing, and your teen isn’t irresponsible.

What if there was a way to get your teen to do what you asked, without the nagging, frustration or yelling, so you don’t end up doing it yourself…. again!

The answers are here.

I’ve put together all my top secrets I learned as a parent of teen boys (including personal stories of successes and struggles) and having helped parents just like you for almost 15 years to ditch the resentment and build respectful boundaries.

Astonished how much I’m taking away!
Jackie G.

No more feeling hopeless or throwing up your hands wanting to move out.

In this program, I’ll walk you through the specific mindset and steps to setting clear, respectful boundaries, AND using effective consequences if your teen missteps so they build better habits. Plus, these proven steps improve communication and connection in your relationship with your teen to lower overall stress.

Just recited using a script with my teen who stayed at friends without permission. He … apologized and I was able to leave the issue and not lose my temper and feel outraged. Feels good!
Belinda F.

In this module you’ll get:

  • Complete instruction video with examples for setting boundaries and effective consequences
  • A worksheet to fill out as you watch so you capture key points
  • Downloads to help you understand the finer details of what a boundary is and what it isn’t
  • Loads more video resources to break down the details as you build confidence and mastery in becoming a boundary boss!

You don’t have to feel defeated or frustrated anymore. Click below to become a boundary boss today!

Goodbye nagging! I’m a boundary boss now!