Become a Boundaries Boss

You’ve tried tough love, soft love, and everything in between to get your child to do as you asked but nothing is working and you’re at your wits end!

No matter how nicely or how many times you ask, simple tasks aren’t getting done. The constant reminding is annoying and exhausting but it’s the only way to get your teen to complete anything. Well, that and taking their phone 🙄

Sometimes it’s just easier to do things yourself but you know that’s not teaching your teen the life skills they need, let alone caring about and for their living space.

What if there was a way to get your child to do what you asked the first time, so you don’t end up doing it yourself…. Again?!

You’re not alone and this doesn’t mean you’re failing, nor is your child irresponsible.

If you’re like me, you weren’t shown how to parent using healthy, respectful boundaries without giving up, giving in, nagging, or yelling, so you do what your parents did and what worked for you using threats, ultimatums, coercion, and manipulation.

Unfortunately, those methods only escalate the conflict, deepen the power struggle, and erode respect and connection between you and your teen, and the strain is starting to affect the whole family.

Worse yet, your teen seems immune to even your toughest consequences, responding with no emotion, “Go ahead, I don’t care.”. Their untouchable attitude leaves you feeling defeated and at a loss to stop the pattern of disrespect.

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

I’ve put together my 4 top secrets I learned in years of therapy, coach training, raising two boys, plus helping thousands of parents just like you to ditch the frustration and resentment, and set clear boundaries so you feel heard the first time.

  1. What boundaries are and what they aren’t
  2. The mindset you need to set and hold boundaries
  3. Specific scripts to communicate your boundary
  4. Why caving isn’t helping your child

In my Become a Boundaries Boss program, I’ll show you how to use consequences to increase connection and respect with your teen while creating lasting behaviour change.

Using my newly released Compassionate Consequence Formula, you’ll get my step-by-step process and specific scripts to have calmer conversations about your teen’s transgression where you both feel heard, and you support them to change without needing to punish or control.

It IS possible, I guarantee it!

Kim O.J.

“Made some specific requests….they were completed without argument. Only made them once. ONCE! They all did it!

Kim O.J.

No more feeling hopeless or throwing up your hands wanting to move out. My Become a Boundaries Boss Program gives you the insight and simple, proven tools that change how you approach boundaries and consequences to increase respect and connection without the nagging, arguing, and exhausting blow ups.

Just imagine…

Your boundaries feel respected the first time, so you set less and less consequences! My parent-tested and proven strategies are backed by relationship and psychology studies and create lasting change, so you don’t just slow the hamster wheel, you get off it!

Belinda F.

"Just recited using a script with my teen who stayed at friends without permission. He … apologized and I was able to leave the issue and not lose my temper and feel outraged. Feels good!"

Belinda F.
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