Decoding The Interspecies Language Barrier


What is your leadership style? Are you a get-it-done type or a caring, relationship builder? Are you touchy feely, go-with-your gut person or a cautious, information gatherer? Are you direct, often interpreted as blunt, or more emotional, viewed as wishy-washy? Knowing your leadership style is important to your success in both your business and personal [...]

It Isn’t Them You Don’t Trust


You know when trust is present in a relationship when you don’t give much thought to what the other person (or people) are doing. You have peace of mind that they are going to do what they say they will, while keeping your best interest at heart. You’re coming to the table as equals because [...]

Forget the Flowers, Say, “Thank You”


Thank you. Just two words that when delivered in a meaningful way will mean more and go further than any dying bouquet of roses or once in a lifetime trip with diamonds. Thank you is available in every moment and does more to consistently build positivity and resilience in all relationships, yet we are looking [...]

Overrated V-Day


This weekend is the mass marketing of love; the concept, the verb, the noun, and all the ways you should be and do to find, have and keep more love. And if you spend more, you’ll get more. At least that’s the message and I don’t subscribe to it. I think there is something far [...]

Are You Hiding In The Facade Of Fine?


Do you consider FINE an acceptable answer to the ‘How are you doing?’, ‘How are things going?’ questions? How often do you use FINE to avoid risking and revealing the truth of what’s really going on? FINE is one of the most widely accepted cop-outs and four letter words that so many of us use [...]

Change Is Hard, Now What?


Are you tired of all the rah-rah-rah messaging you hear from the guru types? The “Look at my amazing life and you can do it too (insert sparkling Colgate smile here)!” hype you see all over social media and spammed to your inbox? It kind of feels empty, doesn’t it? Don’t get me wrong. I [...]

Are You Stuck In A Vicious Cycle?


Does your life seem like an endless cycle of negativity when everything seems to be going wrong? The trouble is that the more frustrated and angry you get, the worse everything around you becomes. One bad event can quickly turn into a vicious cycle of negativity. This vicious cycle can really erode your self-confidence, leading [...]

Moving Beyond Business With A Handshake


There was a time when doing business with a handshake was all we ever needed. It was assumed that everyone would behave with the utmost integrity so there was never any reason to resort to a formal agreement to resolve a dispute. Unfortunately, that time is over and if you are doing business with a [...]

The Pitfalls Of Putting Reward Before Responsibility


It’s tempting to offer prospective employees lucrative employment packages when faced with a competitive market. The thinking is that in order to attract the best talent, you have to promise the world to someone who hasn’t even proven himself in that role at your organization. This misguided recruitment approach has leaders offering all sorts of [...]

Unplugging The Victim Vacuum


Are you stuck in the victim vacuum? That place where everything good is just sucked out of your life and devoured? That negative void where nothing good can happen and only your worst fears come true? It’s time to take control and stop playing the victim. Victims are so busy being consumed by how everything [...]



Feedback. It’s possibly the most terrifying word you can use in a business environment. It has actually been proven to raise peoples’ body temperature and blood pressure at the mere mention of the word! Love it or hate it, feedback is necessary for growth. Without feedback it is impossible to learn and grow as an [...]

10 Signs You Are Addicted To Hopium


As a coach, I talk about change all the time with my clients, here in my blogs, and from the stage. Although change is a widely researched process with many case studies available, there is a lesser-known addiction that gets in the way of creating change. You know what you want on the other side [...]