The Empowered Parent Community

What if there was a safe, supportive parenting community where shaming and criticism didn’t happen, even if you shared your most vulnerable challenges?


It IS possible, and THIS is the place.

What would it be like to have courageous and honest conversations with other parents while feeling respected and heard without getting torn apart or criticized?
Guess what? You can!

Does this Sound Familiar?….

You’re feeling scared: There was no training on how to raise your teen and you don’t know where to turn for answers to help your teen through tough times.

You’re afraid to share your concerns: Last time you tried that, you got a strip ripped off you for being too (fill in the blank), while others shamed and criticized, wondering where you learned such terrible parenting skills.

You’re feeling alone: Sure, your friends are raising teens too, but they’re situations and challenges aren’t like yours so they just don’t understand.

You’re feeling like a bad parent: You constantly compare yourself to other parents with perfect teens and wonder what you’re doing wrong. Aren’t you just supposed to know this stuff?

You’re tired of free advice: Last time you asked your friend, sister or mom for support, they all had a better, step-by-step plan you should follow to magically turn your teen around because obviously, they know best.

You’re feeling sad: Parenting a toddler meant play dates and mom’s coffee groups to connect in. Parenting a teen feels so much harder and isn’t what you thought it would be with crying on your bathroom floor or sleepless nights worrying.


If you answered YES to any of the above, you’re in the right spot!


The truth is, parenting is hard and based on very personal values and beliefs that EVERYONE else has an opinion about (and they can’t wait to tell you, even if you didn’t ask).

If you want a respectful and encouraging community with other parents of tweens and teens where honest and courageous conversations are the norm, then keep reading….


Take a moment to imagine…


Feeling heard: Community members read your posts, offering compassion and empathy for what you’re experiencing.

Feeling valued: Community members appreciate your perspective and insights from your own challenges.

Feeling encouraged: When you reach out for support during a confidence crisis you get a community of cheerleaders reminding you of your strengths.

Feeling celebrated: When you’re in the trenches and the wins feel few and hard fought, you have a community who celebrate your baby steps and epic breakthroughs with the same, heartfelt gusto.

Feeling like you belong: You have a place to go where parents dealing with similar struggles are genuinely glad you showed up and they miss you when you’re away.

That’s WHY I created

The Empowered Parent Community…

A safe, supportive parenting community free of shaming and criticism, even if you share your most vulnerable challenges.

The Empowered Parent Community is a judgement free, private membership group where caring and courageous parents share with and learn from each other in a safe and supportive online environment.

You don’t have to pretend to be the perfect, Instagram parent who has it all together or post your own highlight reel when you’re scared, sad or heartbroken inside.

You get access to proven tools from a professional with over 14 years experience working with parents of teens, just like you.

No more spending hours searching the internet for articles, podcasts or videos to find answers to parenting challenges and still questioning yourself.

There’s no manual for this, and you don’t have to do it alone.

What’s the benefit of learning in a supportive community?
  • Build confidence by being encouraged in your efforts and celebrated in your wins

  • Better consistency by being part of a community working on similar challenges

  • Deepen understanding of concepts by hearing other parents’ interpretations and perceptions

  • Lower levels of anxiety and stress by knowing you aren’t alone

  • Greater motivation to try new tools and create results

  • Greater opportunity to address core concerns with increased emotional safety

  • Ongoing Support – Get exactly what you need during the LIVE semi-monthly Q&A sessions by posting questions in the group. Unlike structured online courses, there is no beginning or end, or even a set curriculum. Learning, insights and conversation happen in the community between LIVE sessions so you hear how other parents are dealing with similar situations, with comments and support from me as well.

  • On-Demand Access – Exclusive content to this group, you get 38 previously recorded modules (ALL searchable by keyword to save you time!). Got a burning question at 3am when your teen just came home after curfew in YOUR car? I’ve got you covered.

  • Full of Caring Parents Like You – This community is for brave, courageous parents who are committed to bettering their relationships with their teens. You understand you play a role in changing the relationship dynamic and are willing to try new things.

  • It’s Not Therapy – I don’t view you or your family relationships as broken or needing to be fixed and this certainly isn’t another toxic venting group for close-minded parents to complain about their teen’s annoying habits. You’re here to courageously lean in and take action to better your family bonds, even when it feels uncomfortable and hard.

  • Judgement Free – There’s no need to pretend things are good when they’re not. I understand parenting is hard and parenting tweens and teens are even harder. You’re here to learn while encouraging and supporting others, even when you have different parenting styles and values. Rather than shame or criticize, this community get’s curious about different perspectives knowing there’s always something learn through a different lens.

What’s included:

answering your questions and addressing challenges (videos remain in the group so you’ll never miss a thing) – $500

to our digital library of over 35 exclusive program modules and Live Q&A sessions, all with a keyword SEARCH FUNCTION! Get what you need when you need it without watching every video – $3000

How to Raise Your Words with Your Teen, Not Your Voice – the complete guide with step-by-step instructions and videos to avoid the nine most common communication breakdowns – $27 (available to annual memberships only)

Downloads and proven tools exclusive to this private community to support your learning. Additional resources (articles, videos, tools, etc.) are added weekly – $500

of caring, courageous and committed parents just like you support and encourage you in your journey (in all its messy, complicated, and challenging goodness) – priceless

That’s over $4000 in value!

TRY the first 30 days for FREE!

This has changed my son. Thank you for your guidance.


Thank you so much for your advice. You have really helped me with my two teens.


Hi! OMG cannot tell you how much I love your work! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Please know you’re so appreciated :3

The Empowered Parent Community is for Parents who are
  • Feeling heartbroken or alone and not sure where else to turn

  • Looking for a safe place to share concerns and get professional tips and direction

  • Seeing signs of change in your tween/teen and you’re concerned there’s more going on below the surface

  • Looking for a supportive community of parents in similar situations to ask questions and get different perspectives

  • Wanting to be proactive and learn everything you can knowing the teens years are a bumpy road at best

  • Ready to learn new ways to improve connection and communication with your teen

The Empowered Parent Community is not for Parents who are
  • More invested in complaining about their current situation than working on changing it

  • Right about how wrong your teenager is and unwilling to change your mind

  • Determined to let other parents know that their beliefs and strategies suck and will ruin their teenager for life

Get started NOW! Try the first 30 days for FREE!
By joining The Empowered Parent Community, you’ll get…


  • By a certified relationship professional who can help you avoid the common relationship pitfalls
  • From a committed community of caring parents who care as much as you do and are probably going through the SAME THINGS AS YOU ARE
  • Inside our easy-to-access digital library filled with videos and downloadable worksheets for you to begin your journey


  • Create conversations based on mutual trust and respect
  • The ability to recognize negative patterns (and what to do about them)
  • Keep conversations simple and avoid getting pulled off course


  • When boundaries and expectations are clearly communicated and understood
  • Knowing how to deal with conflict without it turning toxic
  • Proven communication tools to cut through the noise


  • To talk about the tough stuff openly and honestly
  • Knowing you are prepared for whatever teenaged challenges face you now or in the future
  • To be the parent your friends and family turn to for advice (because you’ve talked through these problems within the group and know what to say)


  • The start of a lifelong relationship with your teen and a community that grows with you
  • Pride in knowing you are modelling healthy relationship behavior to help your teen succeed in future relationships
  • The freedom to disagree because you know conflict is no longer an enemy of the relationship or something to avoid at all costs
Parenting shouldn’t be a solo journey…

Every parent needs support in helping their teen on the journey to adulthood.

Every parent needs someone (or a community of someones) to turn to when the going gets tough; a group of like-minded parents to bounce ideas off of, a safe place to share concerns when a new situation arises, and a community who celebrates every win no matter how small.

You don’t have to struggle or go it alone. Join the community now and get the first 30 days for just FREE!

Monthly billing begins after the 30 day trial and you can cancel at any time.

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