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How to create a respectful, honest relationship with your teen without bending over backwards, even if what you’ve tried so far isn’t working.

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What would it be like to have open and honest conversations with your teen while feeling respected and heard without the nagging, yelling, or name calling?

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“There is a lot of fabulous content out there from amazing coaches, but nothing has resonated with me like this or had such an immediate positive effect”
Fiona C.

The truth is, parenting IS hard, and your teen didn’t come with an instruction manual.

If you want to have a respectful, healthy relationship with your teen and create a life where open and honest conversations are the norm…then it’s important to read every word on this page…

Take a moment to imagine…

Guess what? You can have all of this by following a simple, proven process to help you create the relationship you want with your teen.

I’ve put together my 4 top secrets I learned in years of therapy, coach training, raising two boys, plus helping thousands of parents just like you to ditch the frustration and resentment, and set clear boundaries so you feel heard the first time.

  1. What boundaries are and what they aren’t
  2. The mindset you need to set and hold boundaries
  3. Specific scripts to communicate your boundary
  4. Why caving isn’t helping your child
I’ll show you how to use consequences to increase connection and respect with your teen while creating lasting behaviour change.

Using my newly released Compassionate Consequence Formula, you’ll get my step-by-step process and specific scripts to have calmer conversations about your teen’s transgression where you both feel heard, and you support them to change without needing to punish or control.

Who am I and why should you care?

I'm Aly Pain

I know firsthand what it’s like to be a teen in a well-meaning family, yet feel so disconnected, unloved, and angry. I started using diet pills at 12, drinking at 13, skipping school at 15 and attempted suicide by 17.

I vividly remember acting out in all sorts of ways and still felt hopeless and powerless to change my situation. I didn’t know how to communicate my feelings or what I needed in a way my family could hear me.

When I became a parent, I was determined to change my family legacy. Our children would feel loved and celebrated, they’d be polite and compliant, and I’d never need to raise my voice or a hand ……Then I realized, “Holy crap! This is hard!”

Instead, I was solo parenting two boys while my husband was away for extended periods, finding there was more month than money, and starting to recognize the same patterns from my past. You know, when you open your mouth and your parent’s voice comes out?!

I found myself on my knees in tears, feeling crushed by the weight of unhealthy patternsn and unresolved trauma, like I was drowning and could barely breathe. Every day felt like climbing a slippery wall only to slide back down, yet desperately longing for change, healing and connection.

How could this be happening after all the learning I’d done?! I began to wonder if I wasn’t smart enough or different after all?

During my life and relationship systems coaching training, I realized how dysfunctional relationship patterns are created, AND how to untangle and heal from them. I knew I needed to share these powerful tools to support parents to better understand teens like me.

I believe my knowledge, experience and education empowers families to effectively communicate and connect in healthy, lasting relationships without the emotional pain, conflict and trauma.

I took ownership of my monsters I wanted to deflect and project on my parents and realized I was both part of the problem and the solution.

As I healed myself, I implemented tools that once felt complicated and awkward, becoming a healthy parent with a new level of awareness and skills. My relationship with our boys became easier and less frustrating.

Going through those changes was hard. I had to constantly deal with my own anxiety and my fear impulse to control the situation and my children while expecting an unattainable perfection. All this while dealing with a child who has diagnosed anxiety disorders at 8 years old.

I dug deep to find calm, presence and compassion for our boys. I learned to give myself what I needed so I could be the parent they needed.

As an avid learner, spending over 2 decades in personal development training, I’ve read hundreds of books about the brain and relationship studies from the top researchers and therapists. I developed effective coping techniques for myself and grew a successful coaching practice over the last 14 years, setting hundreds of others free from negative and painful relationship patterns.

Our boys take responsibility for their actions and their results. They clearly communicate their thoughts and feelings from love and kindness, rather than fear, anger and control, and they listen without judgement. They’re compassionate and respectful, and I don’t remember the last time we used a consequence.

My husband and I often ask each other “How did we get these two?” Our teenagers, now becoming young men, are comfortable and confident in their own skin, have supportive and constructive friendships, and make choices based on strong values. We absolutely enjoy being around our boys as they take on the next phase of ‘learning to adult’.

I’ve become a trusted guest expert for numerous publications and podcasts, including Breakfast Television Toronto, SunFM 105.7 Vernon, What She Said Talk Radio, and regular contributor for Calgary’s Child and MOMeo Magazine.

Whether it’s the teens and tweens in my family, friends or thousands of online followers, as their first call (or text) for support they know three key things: 1) I will always love them 2) I won’t judge them, and 3) I won’t let them off the hook when it comes to taking responsibility.

This process has been so successful not only with my own boys, my nieces and friend’s daughters, and I know it can work for you too.

I want you to feel appreciated, respected and connected in your relationship with your teen.

Let me introduce you to my secret weapon…

“The Empowered Parent Mastermind”

How to create a respectful, honest relationship with your teen without bending over backward, even if what you’ve tried so far isn’t working.​

The Empowered Parent Mastermind is now available in a self-paced program!  

You get the 8 complete modules from my LIVE program with proven, powerful tools to how to have a respectful, honest relationship with your teen! Plus, you’ll be notified when registration opens for my LIVE program and have the opportunity upgrade before anyone else.

Now you can stop dealing with frequent outbursts or stressful silence and begin to have real conversations.

Inside, you’ll gain insight and learn strategies caring parents just like you are using to understand your teen and work with their developing brain, rather than against it.

These modules are the culmination of my years of learning and growth, creating a healthier way of parenting without having to give up or give in.

And the best part is, I’ll show you how to have meaningful conversations to rebuild trust with your teen.

These secrets took me 25 years to test and compile so you can’t find them anywhere else. Trust me, I tried!

"Aly is extremely engaging, knowledgeable and to the point. Every piece of information said or written is vital. Finally someone who knows how to handle the generation of today and get results as well as understanding"
Kasia R.

Here’s what’s inside:

Each week, you get online access to a new module including one video (60min), audio only and transcript, a downloadable worksheet, and additional resources covering the following topics:

  1. Generational and Parenting Beliefs
  2. Personality Styles and Love Languages
  3. Setting Boundaries and Holding Consequences
  4. Trust, Lying and Forgiveness
  5. Toxic Communication and Conflict Resolution
  6. Big Emotions and Mental Health
  7. Teen Relationships, Dating and Sex
  8. Social Media, Gaming and Smartphones

The best conversations happen between sessions in my supportive, and judgement free Facebook Group where you’ll hear from other caring parents like yourself and gain insights on what’s working, and what’s not. This is a safe place to share and encourage each other while seeing different perspectives on similar issues. Hearing what others are doing and how they’re doing it will spark new insights and ideas on how to move forward in your own family. I’ll be LIVE in this Facebook Community twice each month to answer your questions.

That’s right, this is yours for life! Even though you overcome current challenges in your relationship, the teen years are a roller coaster with good days and hard ones. With lifetime access to ALL content and resources, you’ll always have a place to come back to when things feel hard, or your younger children reach the teen years.

No matter what your learning style is, I have you covered. The workbook has all the materials you need to follow along, deepen your learning, understand the tools and take notes. Your workbook becomes your personal resource whenever you need it.

You’ll also receive additional tools and resources to help guide your communications during and after the program. These are fun, easy to understand and use to continue to foster positive change and growth in your relationship with your teen.

You get ALL of my top recommendations for books, articles, social channels to follow and more. It’s basically 20+ years of research and education that I have learned, right at your fingertips.


You get all that with a 30-day (from date of purchase), 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked, no forms to fill out.

With Everything You’re Getting… You’ll Know EXACTLY How To

I’ll also show you how to stop the negative patterns so you don’t end up in this same place a year from now!

The Empowered Parent Mastermind​

How to create a respectful, honest relationship with your teen without bending over backwards, even if what you’ve tried so far isn’t working…

Enroll in this self-paced program now and create the relationship you know is possible with your teen!

Remember, you’ll be notified when registration opens for my LIVE program and have the opportunity upgrade before anyone else. And there’s no risk with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee

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The Empowered Parent Mastermind​

How to create a respectful, honest relationship with your teen without bending over backwards, even if what you’ve tried so far isn’t working…

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"I was able to implement the strategies I learned from Aly quickly and saw immediate shifts in my children. All for the better! I’m much more confident in my parenting now and look forward to continuing to learn and grow."
Jana D.