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When was the last time your organization held an effective retreat? One where everyone had fun, deepened relationships AND got a load of great work done to forward the business? That’s what I thought. Unfortunately, ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ are common answers to those questions. Organizations must be more vigilant than ever to ensure a return on dollars spent. Retreats are no different. The cost of having key members out of the office and unavailable for a few days is high enough, let alone getting little return. It is time for you to host a highly effective retreat that is based on concrete objectives and develops accountable action from everyone by the end. There is a way to clarify key messages, develop strategy, and create measured tactics in a time frame AND have fun. That is what I do, it’s my job and promise to you.

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Aly Pain is fiercely passionate about the unique and unlimited potential in every person. She uses her training and gifts to help you cut through your crap and chaos to find it, own it and act on it. She brings her bold, authentic and skilled coaching to developing and delivering her Exponentially You Programs, keynotes and workshops that move you forward, faster, both personally and professionally.

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