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Finding Our Way is a private, online community for parents of teens and tweens so you feel less alone in your parenting challenges or at a loss how to help your child.

You’re a great parent and love your children. You know when to pick your battles and avoid nitpicking every bad behaviour. You give them their space to make their own decisions (and mistakes). Until now, it’s worked.

You’ve tried tough love, soft love, and everything in between. You’re tired of the apathy in your teenager and being their emotional dumping ground. You’re frustrated and are unsure how to break these patterns.

I want a better relationship with my teenager
Say what you need to say and get less eye rolling

Ever say something and immediately know you could have said it better? The words are already in the other person’s ears (and maybe on their face) and there’s no way to take them back.

If you find yourself apologizing or backpedaling after something you’ve said, chances are it’s not WHAT you said, it’s HOW you said it.

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I want to be a better communicator

Before I joined Aly’s group, I was full of resentment. I avoided asking for what I needed because I didn’t know how to without being angry or condescending. My emotions were a boiling, silent war inside me.
Aly has helped me learn better ways to identify my resentment and use it to understand where I need to ask for what I need and set better boundaries. On the first day, I created an agreement with my family about the state of the kitchen and went from a dirty counter and sink full of dishes to spotless the next morning!

I find golden nuggets in the videos and Q&A sessions that are helping me continue to grow and support my family to have less passive aggressive behavior leading to tense time together.

Married mom of 2 boys

Aly’s Real Talk and Tools for parents group has been a Godsend, especially during quarantine. Her videos are full of great tips and best of all, actionable ones! I can immediately implement her strategies with my 3 kids. With the sudden introduction of schooling at home we were struggling. Aly had us make a ‘Family Agreement’ poster and my kids respond to it so well. When someone forgets the agreements, I love having them there as a reminder to draw our attention back to them. It’s like a reset! I highly recommend her group to any parent looking for support!

Married mom of 3 girls
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Do you parent fairly or equally?

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In my early stages of my parenting, I was committed to treating my children equally. I assumed that also meant I was treating them fairly. That was going to be my parenting claim [...]