Aly has been developing and delivering workshops for over 25 years, starting with her groundbreaking program for the BC Ministry of Health home patients. Since then, she’s been enlightening, empowering and engaging user groups and leaders in various industries with her authentic and passionate style.

Topics include:

3 Reasons Teens Lie and What You Can Do About It

As a troubled teen who lied often, Aly takes you into your teen’s brain to explain three key reasons behind the behaviour. As a parent, you’re focussed on how to stop the lying and the solution might surprise you.

Setting Reasonable Limits – Everything You Need To Know About Boundaries

Most of us were raised in fear of authority, and questioning our parents was a bad idea! As much as being compliant was helpful, it didn’t foster emotional intelligence or self advocacy. As a parent, understanding what healthy boundaries are, and what they’re not, supports you to create respect and connection with your teen.

How to Have Less Conflict Without Avoiding It

The only place perfect relationships exist is on a screen or in a book. Here in the real world, there’s no escaping it. Conflict is a charged relationship skill that’s not taught or even talked about regularly, leaving most of us feeling ill equipped to constructively participate. Learn how to feel safe with conflict and improve every relationship by deepening connection and trust.


Aly will tailor her workshops into half or full days to meet your needs. If you want to go deeper with your group in a multi-day retreat setting, Aly is the perfect person to get the learning and ROI you need!

Hi Aly, I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your awesome discussion in our training session yesterday. I personally took a lot away from it. It was engaging, relatable and relevant! Thank you again!


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