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Are you tired of trying to figure this parenting thing out on your own, or feeling lost in a group and craving more personal support to get the answers you need to turn your relationship with your teen around?

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted and hopeless despite reading all the books, listening to podcasts, and even taking programs?

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted and hopeless despite reading all the books, listening to podcasts, and even taking programs?

You’re trying to implement the tools and skills the experts are sharing (even what your friends and family say you should be doing ?) to create a better relationship with your teen, yet things just feel hard and you’re starting to wonder if you’re missing something.

  • You know you’re capable of learning and changing but what you’ve been doing is just not quite working.

  • You want a better relationship with your teen that feels lighter and more open without the constant arguments, even if you aren’t BFFs.

  • You’re ready to make changes and get unstuck, you just need an encouraging guide to help personalize and fine-tune your approach as you build confidence and expertise.

I’ve been there. I know how defeating it feels to do ‘all the things’, plus trying everything you can to makes changes but not seeing results.

Old patterns kept showing up and I didn’t know how to stop them (even though I knew they weren’t working)

  • My teens and I were still arguing more than we were talking

  • They didn’t want to spend time with me (that was obvious!)

  • I was certain I was failing as a parent and because of me my teens were going to fail somehow too

  • My relationship with my husband was strained because of our different approaches on how fix the situation

  • My friends and family were full of advice that was less than helpful, and I felt criticized and judged

  • I was losing sleep because my stress and anxiety about my teens was so high

Through my Coach training and certifications, I learned the specific communication and relationship tools to untangle my relationship with my children and create more of the ease we all wanted.

And the best part? I have more open and honest conversations with my teenagers on a daily basis, we joke around and are present to each other in tough conversations, and my husband and I are constantly asking each other how we got to parent such amazing teenagers!

I created this group coaching program because it’s exactly what I needed when I was struggling.

The focus of this group coaching is to meet you where you’re at and personalize your support around your current situation. There’s no ‘one size fits all when it comes to parenting teens, and I want you to get the specific coaching you need to feel more confident and have the relationship you know is possible with your teen.

What people are saying

You’ve helped me so much with my teenage son. Thank you so much.


I absolutely love your videos. They have helped me with my 16-year-old so much. Please, please keep them coming!


Hi Aly, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your awesome discussion in our training session yesterday. I personally took a lot away from it. It was engaging, relatable and relevant! Thank you again!


This is your time and your process. I’ll personalize your coaching (members take turns) so you get exactly what you need based on your challenge so no need to scour the internet or read more books to get the answers you need. While other members are being coached, you benefit by hearing how other parents are dealing with similar issues and the resources provided to them.

Group Coaching sessions are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each member so the content is all about you.

Previous topics include (but aren’t limited to) –

  • Boundaries, discipline and consequences – creating positive behaviour change

  • Toxic communication and disrespect

  • Listening and empathy skills

  • Lying, forgiveness and trust

  • Privacy, safety and technology

  • Friendship, dating and sex

  • Accountability and responsibility

  • Parenting beliefs and generational messages

  • Mental health and big emotions

  • Personality styles and love languages

  • And so much more!

Your advice has helped me so much! My teen and I are no longer at war all the time. We are enjoying time together and I’m loving it.


I really like your segments. I find them to be special and make a lot of sense. Keep up the great talks Aly. Cheers.


I am so grateful I ran into your space! It brings me light when I need it the most! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being so open! You rock!!!

Your Group Coaching includes:
  • Weekly, personalized coaching with me in a confidential, small group of caring and courageous parents – $1000 value

  • Access to a private parenting community where I’m answering your questions LIVE twice/month (I also participate in posts and offer resources) – $37/month value

  • Access to 27 previous training modules, LIVE Q&As and IGTV videos that are fully searchable by keyword so you get exactly what you need, when you need it – $2000 value

  • How to Raise Your Words with Your Teen, Not Your Voice – the complete guide with step by step instructions and videos to avoid the nine most common communication breakdowns – $27 value

  • Downloads and tools exclusive to my private community to support your learning. Additional resources (articles, videos, tools, etc.) are added weekly – $500 value

  • A supportive community of caring and courageous parents who understand how hard parenting teens can be – Priceless

  • Early access to my LIVE programs

Through your group coaching, you’ll increase your relationship awareness with valuable insight, tools and skills to better communicate and connect with your teen, so you enjoy a more open and honest relationship with the skills to grow and shift as they do. Your learning is amplified by hearing how others approach problems, process information and create solutions.

How does it work?
  • Groups consist of a min of 5, max 10 members

  • Weekly coaching calls are 60 min on either Wednesday at 4pmPT or Thursday at 9amPT via Zoom (choose one time slot for all your coaching calls)

  • Confidentiality is key so members are required to sign an agreement that’s briefly reviewed at the beginning of each session

  • Each member is given equal opportunity to be in the ‘love seat’ and get personalized coaching and attention

  • The topic/agenda for each call is determined by the participants and the challenges that are addressed

  • Sessions are recorded (via Zoom) and group members receive a link whether you were present or not (recordings are NOT posted in the private group)

Value – over $3200/month!

6 Weeks

$550or 2 payments of $300

12 Weeks

$1000 or 3 payments of $350

6 Months

$2000or 4 payments of $525
  • Coaching begins in the first full week of each month (i.e., if you apply and pay on September 14th, you’ll join your coaching group the week of October 4th).

  • Your coaching sessions run every week in your confirmed time slot. There’s no credit or reimbursement for missed sessions and sessions cannot be moved between other coaching group time slots.

  • Each participant will be given 30 minutes minimum in the love seat during a calendar month to get personalized answers. Your learning experience increases the more you’re willing to share and engage.

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