Coach Aly Pain talks about how to truly leverage your leadership in life and business. That means doing only what you can do, and not things that everyone else can do. In order to effectively leverage your leadership you must clearly identity your unique skill and talent, then set up a structure where you are doing just that. Well, you may need to do a few other things as well 🙂 Everyone on your team or in your organization needs to do the same thing. This means letting go of a strict roles and hierarchy to truly leverage each person and most of all, you returns. Leveraging your Leadership is key to growing any organization and your bottom line.  Check out Aly Pain for more information.

Aly Pain

Growing up, I was the smart, fun girl on the outside and a frantic, anxious mess on the inside. I spent years healing the pain of dysfunctional family relationships, including eating disorders and a suicide attempt, to break the cycle raising my own teen boys.

Today, I’ve been happily married to my husband for over 23 years, and we have 2 incredible teen boys. My passion is empowering parents to build healthy, respectful relationships with their teens without giving up or giving up, even if they've tried everything and are at their wits end.

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