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Raising teens is not for the faint of heart! Aly Pain talks to host Candace Sampson on What She Said.

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When Relationship Expert, Aly Pain, posted a TikTok video on June 16, 2020 highlighting the top three things teens want their parents to know, she never imagined the response it would get or who would respond the most vocally to her advice.

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Vernon-based parenting and relationship expert Aly Pain say the pandemic has added significant stress to a range of life challenges that existed prior to COVID-19.

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Stop blaming your family for your failures! Aly pain talks to host Jenn Kyllo on LifeQuestPro

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Raising teenagers to paraphrase Charles Dickens, “is the best of times and the worst of times”. It’s been this way for time immemorial, but in 2020 we added a plot twist. We have taken teens who are hardwired to be seeking independence and pushing boundaries and locked them in a house.

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