Aly Pain The Conflict Coach

It was like the pieces of my life’s puzzle falling into place and giving me full permission to authentically show up and make the difference in the world that I was meant to make.

Leona deVinne, Accendo Consulting

Aly has challenged me, supported me and given me the confidence to make the difficult decisions in my business.

Shane Walper - President & CEO, Predator Drilling

I felt like I was treading water, and wanted to figure out where to go in the future.

Hilary McMeekin

I was feeling out of balance and in a sense a lack of integrity – like I knew what I needed to do and just wasn’t doing it. I was looking for clarity, accountability, motivation and connection back to my purpose and goals.

I had a feeling Aly would bring a whole new level of understanding to the table.

Jenn Kyllo, Babes In Business

Having those aha! moments with Aly prepared me to deal with conflict, to build confidence and to have clarity on my path moving forward.

Janna Pantella, Impax Events

I hired Aly to help me grow my business and find a better life balance. She helped me discover my vision, values and purpose allowing me to use them as a guide for better decision making; which is invaluable for life!

Stefan Armstrong, ArmstongGlenn

Before I met with Aly I was feeling lost, stuck, desperate, and shameful.

Sally Benson

I was employed doing what I was very successful at and being well rewarded financially. The only problem was after 25 years and one half billion dollars in transactions, I was not happy anymore and neither was my family.

Paul Poscente, Founder and Managing Director, Congruity Group

From the moment she took the stage Aly was energetic, passionate and relatable, keeping the audiences attention and reading the room.

Leigh Mitchell , Founder & President of Women in Biz Network

We built relationship foundations while learning to work together to solve corporate issues and brainstorm new ideas.

Joseph Kuhach

When I started my work with Aly I had been carrying shame for 23 years

Melsha Shea
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