The Dream:Do Ratio

I’ve been learning a thing or two over the last two weeks after deciding to create a new website and offering based on some important shifts I’ve had in my thinking. Those include how much I’m capable of writing (my least favorite thing) and accomplishing in a day, and how energized I can feel with less sleep. At least in the short term!

I’m a big dreamer and a hard-core doer, and finding the balance has been challenging many times. In the past, I have had huge insights and shifts, and then gotten to work on creating, changing, integrating, etc, and before I knew it I was so caught up in the doing I was exhausted and frustrated. Fortunately, I’m a bit of a dog with a bone so I don’t give up quickly!

Having endless and grandiose lists keeps my mind busy while I build momentum and tangible results. But over time that also serves as blinders to me with my head down exhaustion is the only plausible outcome! I’m also seeing an anxious energy in me that drives me to complete and sucks the living fun out of everything if I let it.

This time around I’m choosing to do things differently and change my dream:do ratio. Instead of having a mind-blowing vision and spending the next year getting down to the business of building it, I’m taking time to reconnect to my dream much more often. I’m taking time to meditate and live in my vision, and have created affirmations about it that I recite daily.

Trust me, I’m still going faster and sleeping less with this big hairy audacious goal trying to meet my deadline! I’m just not squeezing all the….well, “squeeeeee!!!” (insert image of crazy excited little girl who just got to ride a first pony for the first time) out of it. I’m writing daily tasks lists with a reasonable and challenging limit (thanks to my mastermind friends) and when that’s done, I shut it down.

I’m asking for more help, delegating more (in my business and at home) and treating myself more like an athlete than a slave. Oh, it feels so much better this way!
Being in my vision refills me and allows for so much more creativity to change and make what I first thought of even better.

Getting back to what feels most true to me and creating a business that I love around it also means changing how I do it. That’s as transformational as the idea itself. And let’s face it, no one like being around a dragon lady in a task vacuum with a dream deficit!

How is your dream:do ratio working for you? Need a little more dream or maybe a dash more do (ok, that just sounds funny :p)?

Leave me a comment on my Facebook page and let’s help each other find just the right mix to reveal our magic!

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Aly Pain is fiercely passionate about the unique and unlimited potential in every person. She uses her training and gifts to help you cut through your crap and chaos to find it, own it and act on it. She brings her bold, authentic and skilled coaching to developing and delivering her Exponentially You Programs, keynotes and workshops that move you forward, faster, both personally and professionally.

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    Comment…this is great. please I will appreciate if your video lecture in leadership style be sent to my mail.

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