The Empowered Parent Mastermind

How to create a respectful, honest relationship with your teen without
bending over backward, even if what you’ve tried so far isn’t working

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What would it be like to have open and honest conversations with your teen while feeling respected and heard WITHOUT the nagging, yelling, or stressful silence?

Here’s a Secret…You Can!

Does this Sound Familiar?….
  • You’re exhausted and feel drained: Trying to avoid your teen’s hormonal land mines AND manage everything else on your plate.

  • You’re frustrated and at your wit’s end: Every day you go out of your way to be kind or help your teen in some way and you feel like you get crapped on.

  • You’re sad and scared: You miss your caring, loving child. You don’t understand who they’ve become and can’t seem to reach them.

  • You’re feeling like a bad parent: How did this happen? You love your child and are doing everything you can without seeing results.

  • You’re not sure what the future holds: What if your teen keeps going on this path? What if you lose your relationship with them?

  • You’re feeling angry: You’re wondering, “Am I supposed to be ok with being treated so disrespectfully? When do I get to say it’s enough?”



Very grateful for Aly’s coaching! You completely changed my mindset and the process was less daunting. A million thanks for all that you do!

Caron Bridgwater

I am beyond grateful for you and all you are sharing. I will be a loyal follower for life.  My relationships with my kids, family and friends will be better because of you.

Stephanie Merli

Your videos gave me valuable insight into my teens (I have two). “Because I Said So” – probably my all-time favorite Dad saying. I now realize how totally ineffective it was. Your advice was real and made such a difference. “Three things your teen wishes you knew” was even better!  This was the insight I really connected with and your advice was so simple and easy to follow. Amazing how much I learned in less than two minutes.:)

Heath Fletcher, Sproing Creative

The truth is, parenting IS hard, and your teen didn’t come with an instruction manual.

If you want to have a respectful, healthy relationship with your teen and create a life where open and honest conversations are the norm…then it’s important to read every word on this page…

I want you to take a moment to imagine…
  • Feeling Valued –Your teen values your input and comes to you for help to overcome challenges.

  • Seeing Positive Results – Your teen does what you asked the first time and takes responsibility for the quality of their work.

  • Having Productive Communication – Your teen openly and calmly shares their thoughts and feelings with you as a way to connect and process what’s going on for them.

  • Feeling appreciated – Your teen recognizes and appreciates what you do for them and regularly sends you ‘love texts’ full of emojis.

  • Hearing Positive Comments – Teachers and other parents compliment you on your teen’s strong character and amazing behaviour.

  • Taking Initiative – Your teen is engaged with your family and offers to help without you having to nag or even ask.


I’m Aly Pain

I know firsthand what it feels like to be a teenager, growing up in a well-meaning family that I was so different from them they didn’t know what to do with me. On the outside I had it all together, winning academic and athletic awards, yet on the inside I felt so disconnected, unloved, and angry. I was wraught with anxiety from falling short of perfect every day, developed an eating disorder, and attempted suicide by the time I was 17.

I vividly remember acting out in all sorts of ways and still felt hopeless and powerless to change my situation. I didn’t know how to communicate my feelings or what I needed in a way my family could hear me.

When I went away to university I knew right away the messages going on in my head weren’t normal and got myself into counselling in a hot minute. I spent the next 10 years fiercely pursuing healing to free myself my my emotional pain and the negative coping patterns I’d developed.

When I became a parent, I was resolved to creating a different experience for my children. Our children would feel loved and celebrated, they’d be polite and compliant, and I’d never need to raise my voice or a hand ……BAHAHA!! Then I realized, “Holy crap! This is hard!”

I found myself solo parenting our two boys while my husband was away for extended periods, there was more month than money, and starting to recognize the same negative patterns from my past. You know, when you open your mouth and your parent’s voice comes out?!

I found myself on my knees in tears, feeling crushed by the weight of parenting alone, so far from the fantasy I had in mind with no clue how to get out. I felt like I was drowning and could barely breathe. Every day, I felt I was climbing a slippery, muddy wall and getting nowhere, yet desperately longing for a new reality.

How could this be happening? I had done all this healing and learning! I began to wonder…”Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I wasn’t different after all?”

During my life and relationship systems coaching training, I realized how dysfunctional relationship patterns are created, AND how to untangle and heal from them. I knew I needed to share these powerful tools to support parents to better understand teens like me. I felt driven to share my knowledge, experience, and education so families could effectively communicate and connect in healthy, lasting relationships with far less stress, emotional pain, or trauma.

After more healing, I took ownership of my monsters and realized I was both parts of the problem and the solution. Projecting my pain on anyone wasn’t solving anything.

I started to see the learning I’d done in a new light and implemented tools that once felt complicated and awkward, building confidence and mastery with new skills and greater awareness. My relationship with our boys became easier and less frustrating as I became the parent I wanted to be and knew was possible.

Going through those changes was hard and I got it wrong a lot! I was constantly dealing with my own fear and anxiety, and my impulse to control the situation and my children while expecting an unattainable perfection. All this while dealing with our oldest child who was diagnosed with his own anxiety disorders.

I dug deep into my own calm and find a presence and compassion for myself while being present for our boys. I learned to let them be boys and have that be messy sometimes.

As an avid learner, spending over 2 decades in personal development training, I’ve read hundreds of books about the brain and relationship studies from the top researchers and therapists. I developed effective coping techniques for myself and grew a successful coaching practice over the last 14 years, setting hundreds of others free from negative and painful relationship patterns.

Our boys are becoming young men who take responsibility for their actions and their impact. They clearly communicate their thoughts and feelings and they listen without judgment. They’re compassionate and respectful, and I don’t remember the last time we had to use discipline.

My husband and I often ask each other “How did we get these two?” Our teenagers are comfortable and confident in their own skin, have supportive and constructive friendships, and make choices based on strong values. We absolutely enjoy being around our boys as they take on the next phase of ‘learning to adult’.

I’ve become a trusted guest expert for numerous publications and podcasts, including the on-air parenting expert for SunFM 105.7 Vernon, What She Said podcast, and regular contributor for Calgary’s Child and MOMeo Magazine.

My self-tested, client proven process has been so successful with our boys, and the families I’ve worked with, and I know it can work for you too.

I want you to feel heard, appreciated, and respected while enjoying your relationship with your teen.

Let me introduce you to my secret weapon called…

“The Empowered Parent Mastermind”

How to create a respectful, honest relationship with your teen without
bending over backward, even if what you’ve tried
so far isn’t working

The Empowered Parent Mastermind is my step-by-step program and community that will teach you how to have a respectful, honest relationship with your teen!  

Now you can stop dealing with frequent outbursts or stressful silence and begin to have real conversations. 

Inside, you’ll discover strategies I share with my clients to get you results faster than anyone ever could on their own, without reading more books or searching the internet. 

This is the same system I used to find a new way of parenting without having to ‘rollover’ and give even more of myself.

And the best part is, I’m going to show you how to have meaningful conversations so you can deepen or rebuild trust with your teen.

You can’t find these strategies anywhere online except in this course. Trust me, I tried!

Before I joined Aly’s group, I was full of resentment. I avoided asking for what I needed because I didn’t know how without being angry or condescending. My emotions were a boiling, silent war inside me.

Aly helped me learn better ways to identify my resentment and understand where to set better boundaries. On the first day, I created an agreement with my family about the state of the kitchen and went from a dirty counter and sink full of dishes to spotless the next morning!

Married mom of 2 boys

Aly’s parents group has been a Godsend, especially during the quarantine. Her videos are full of great tips and, actionable ones! With the sudden introduction of schooling at home, we were struggling. Aly had us make a ‘Family Agreement’ poster and my kids respond so well. When someone forgets the agreements, I love having them there as a reminder to draw our attention back to them. It’s like a reset! I highly recommend her group to any parent looking for support!

Married mom of 3 girls

Here’s what’s inside:

Each week, you’re invited to a 90 min session, made up of educational material, discussion, and questions. It’s critical for you to have time to talk about your current situation, discuss the material, and ask questions so you get the most out of the program.

The best conversations happen between sessions right in the FB group where you’ll hear from parents just like yourself and get insights on what’s working, and what’s not. This is a safe place to share and support each other while learning different perspectives on similar issues. Hearing what others are doing and how they are doing it can often spark new insights and ideas on how to move forward in your own family.

How many times have you been in a program and felt overwhelmed by the content that moved too fast without access to an expert to ask questions and process the information? Not here. Aly goes LIVE in the private parenting community every week to be present to your questions and provide more personalized support so you get the most value from the program.

Even when you overcome challenges with your teen in the program, the teen years are like a roller coaster with good days and hard ones. With lifetime access to your content and resources, you’ll always have a place to come back to when your relationship with your teen feels hard or your younger children reach the teen years.

No matter what your learning style is, Aly has you covered. The workbook has all the materials you need to follow along, deepen your learning, understand the tools and take notes. Your workbook becomes your personal resource whenever you need it.

You’ll also receive additional tools and resources to help guide your communications during and after the program. These are fun, easy to understand and use to continue to foster positive change and growth in your relationship with your teen.

You get ALL of Aly’s top recommendations for books, articles, social channels to follow and more. It’s basically 20+ years of research and education that Aly has learned, right at your fingertips.

No more spending hours reading reviews trying to find the best books and resources to help guide you. Aly has done all of the hard work for you by vetting these credible & proven resources. She’s even organized them for you by topic.

With Everything You’re Getting…

You’ll Know EXACTLY How To

  • Rest better at night – Spend more time sleeping and less time stressing because you’re fighting fewer battles and are confident in your parenting abilities.

  • Have basic conversations – Talk with your teen without feeling like you’re stepping on landmines just by bringing up day to day topics.

  • Build trust – Although your teen is far from perfect, you trust them to make good decisions that will keep them safe.

  • Have open conversations – Even when it feels uncomfortable to hear, your teen comes to you with vulnerable questions and shares the things that matter.

  • Feel appreciated – Your teen can see past themselves to everything you do for them and let you know, even with one emoji. 🤪

I’ll even show you how to stop the negative patterns so you don’t end up in this same place a year from now!

The Empowered Parent Mastermind

How to create a respectful, honest relationship with your teen without
bending over backward, even if what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked


Apply now!

Who is this program for?
  • Caring parents who want their teen to be happy and succeed in life

  • Committed parents who are willing to try new things and know that change is a process

  • Compassionate parents who understand that growing up now is very different than when they grew up

  • Courageous​ parents who are longing to open the communication channels with their teens

Who this is NOT for…
  • Parents who believe their teenager is 100% responsible for the problems in the relationship

  • Parents who aren’t willing to hear new information or challenge their way of thinking

  • Parents who are afraid to try new concepts or “rock the boat” with their teen

  • Parents who want an instant fix for their relationship with their teen and aren’t willing to put in the effort

TOTAL VALUE: $8,000+




$4754 payments


Full money-back guarantee – if you don’t feel you’ve received value from the program, provide your feedback and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

The Empowered Parent Mastermind

How to create a respectful, honest relationship with your teen without
bending over backward, even if what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked


Apply now!

  • Upon successful entry to the Empowered Parent Mastermind program, you’ll receive an email with a link and login instructions for the online portal.
  • Program modules and LIVE Q&A sessions will be delivered on Zoom and are recorded and stored in your online portal for lifetime access.
  • Weekly modules are presented LIVE on Tuesdays beginning January 19, 2021 from 7:00pmPT to 8:30pmPT. Although the content will likely be complete by 8:00pmPT, an extra 30 minutes is scheduled to ensure you get answers to your questions.
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions are Thursdays from 5:30pmPT to 6:30pmPT with the focus being on the most recent module, but certainly not limited to that content.
  • If you can’t attend a session and have a question, post it in the private FB group and it’ll be answered in the Zoom call for you to reference later.
  • All program resources are stored in the online portal.

Parenting is a personal journey and working on that can feel vulnerable and challenging. Having a small group of caring and compassionate parents in this process together ensures the best results for everyone.

After you apply and complete your consultation with Aly, you’ll receive a link to either pay in full or use the payment plan.

If you’ve previously completed a personal consultation with Aly and received a discount code to apply to this program, you’ll be given the opportunity to enter that during the checkout process.