Why Choose Aly?

Aly helps business owners to:

  • become better leaders
  • attract and retain better people
  • create bigger profits

My name is Aly Pain and I am The Conflict Coach. I help business owners who have settled for less, create what they know is possible. My clients typically struggle with the understanding and skills they need to have difficult conversations. As a Master communicator, I’m an expert at decoding relationships to create engaged cultures. I support my clients to become better leaders, attract and retain better people, and grow bigger profits.

Ambition – passionately pursuing and creating my dreams with excellence

Authenticity – begin courageously transparent and relevant to my audience

Connection – creating vulnerable spaces for transformational change

Honor – respectfully holding everyone to the same value and importance while humbling myself to serve

Generosity – living in a spirit of abundance with my time, money and energy with healthy boundaries



Over 20 years experience in personal development from training large groups to coaching deep, personal issues with people just like you; from stay at home moms and user groups to Corporate Teams and CEOs.



Specific training and certifications as a Life Coach and Organization and Relationship Systems Coach, along with 10 years in the personal development field.



A proven track record of getting meaningful results that last so her clients continue live passionately on purpose long after working together.

She was able to present her materials and relate them to our key message. Feedback was tremendous and very impactful.
Terry Thompson, Sun Life Financial
From the moment she took the stage Aly was energetic, passionate and relatable, keeping the audiences attention and reading the room.
Leigh Mitchell , Founder & President of Women in Biz Network
I was employed doing what I was very successful at and being well rewarded financially. The only problem was after 25 years and one half billion dollars in transactions, I was not happy anymore and neither was my family.
Paul Poscente, Founder and Managing Director, Congruity Group
We built relationship foundations while learning to work together to solve corporate issues and brainstorm new ideas.
Joseph Kuhach

Before I started Coaching with Aly I was taking anti-depressants and was very tired of wearing the mask of a smile on my face when inside I was falling apart.

Bonnie Swanton, Calgary
She is successful in drawing out insights about my skills and aspirations from our discussions
Rob Mackinnon, Project Manager, Engineering
Aly definitely exceeded our expectations
Erica Wiens, Inspired Calgary

Her enthusiasm and energy was great and the girls really appreciated how she was able to help them represent their issues

Cindy Winther

I know we still have progress to make but with Aly’s help I am very optimistic that we will become a more cohesive family in the future.

Annemarie Quinn

Never a dull moment and very informative.

Suncor Energy Women in Major Projects
Thanks to you I now decide how I react in situations and I don’t let the circumstances control me.
Sandra Staerk, DIRTT Environmental Solutions
When I started my work with Aly I had been carrying shame for 23 years
Melsha Shea

Before I met with Aly I was feeling lost, stuck, desperate, and shameful.

Sally Benson