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Why Choose Aly?

Aly helps business owners to:

  • become better leaders
  • attract and retain better people
  • create bigger profits

My name is Aly Pain and I am The Conflict Coach. I help business owners who have settled for less, create what they know is possible. My clients typically struggle with the understanding and skills they need to have difficult conversations. As a Master communicator, I’m an expert at decoding relationships to create engaged cultures. I support my clients to become better leaders, attract and retain better people, and grow bigger profits.

Ambition – passionately pursuing and creating my dreams with excellence

Authenticity – begin courageously transparent and relevant to my audience

Connection – creating vulnerable spaces for transformational change

Honor – respectfully holding everyone to the same value and importance while humbling myself to serve

Generosity – living in a spirit of abundance with my time, money and energy with healthy boundaries



Over 20 years experience in personal development from training large groups to coaching deep, personal issues with people just like you; from stay at home moms and user groups to Corporate Teams and CEOs.



Specific training and certifications as a Life Coach and Organization and Relationship Systems Coach, along with 10 years in the personal development field.



A proven track record of getting meaningful results that last so her clients continue live passionately on purpose long after working together.

I was feeling out of balance and in a sense a lack of integrity – like I knew what I needed to do and just wasn’t doing it. I was looking for clarity, accountability, motivation and connection back to my purpose and goals.

I am excellent at implementing and achieving but if I’m not clear on my path or the direction I want to go I get overwhelmed and feel despondent and stuck. Aly helped connect me back to my purpose, find my path with clarity and propel me forward again – all at the same time as finding peace and humour with where I was currently at; living in a new country with a toddler and new baby, and what was realistic for me to achieve.

One of my greatest take aways is having humour around my perceived imperfections. The ability to laugh at myself when things fall apart or don’t go according to plan. ‘Ta – Da’ that was me 😉

Being a coach myself, I am really picky about the quality of coach I work with. Aly is one of the finest I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and anyone getting the chance to work with her will be thrilled by the results they get.

I felt like I was treading water, and wanted to figure out where to go in the future. Without a sense of purpose – I didn’t know where I was headed and couldn’t make the right choices in terms of investment and energy. With Aly’s help I have begun the journey of learning who I am – which is an important part of moving forward. I think part of the reason so many people flounder is because they don’t know, respect or appreciate themselves. Understanding me and my purpose has helped me start to prioritize and make choices that will ultimately lead me to achieving what I want.
Hilary McMeekin
I was referred to Aly as a coach to help me dig deeper into my purpose, both personally and for my businesses, in order to create greater clarity as I moved forward. It was incredible to discover my purpose and vision for my coaching practice and myself! It was like the pieces of my life’s puzzle falling into place and giving me full permission to authentically show up and make the difference in the world that I was meant to make. Work became easier and delightful, and I’m filled with even more joy everyday!! By working with Aly I’m continuing to grow my businesses, achieve high levels of success and make a difference. I’ve just recently started a non for profit to top it all off – sparking more joy for those who could use a smile.
Having been in many workshops and training around the subject of values, I wasn’t new to this concept of attracting ideal clients based on similar values. I had a feeling Aly would bring a whole new level of understanding to the table. Of course, she delivered just that. Aly compassionately encouraged me (and the others) to look at what I thought was a top value, FREEDOM, as my driving need or factor instead. (your driving need may be something else). Like the air I breathe, I cannot be truly happy and successful in my business or effectively serve my clients unless my driving need, Freedom, is maintained and nurtured. Understanding freedom in this way has brought such a clarity to my life and business as to why some ideas, decisions or relationships have gained so much momentum, while others struggle to get started.

Aly was creative and brilliant at helping me use this driving need along with my other top 4 values and craft them into my life purpose statement, my vision, to act as my guide for future decisions. The clarity in decision making will help me serve my clients in a more powerful and innovative way, build connected, thriving communities in a more exciting fashion, and allow me to do what I do best, bringing people together and giving them a platform to shine. I am excited to attend more of her workshops and to continue to work with Aly on a more frequent basis.

Jenn Kyllo
I came to Aly in the hopes of strengthening and growing my leadership skills and confidence. Throughout our sessions, I learned valuable skills and tools that could be applied to the day to day interactions with my team, in specific situations, and in my overall approach. Having those aha! moments with Aly prepared me to deal with conflict, to build confidence and to have clarity on my path moving forward. These skill sets fostered my growth within the company, and ultimately empowered me to launch my own business, pursue my passion and find a fulfilling future!
Janna Pantella
Aly was able to present her materials and relate them to our key message. She set the stage for the remainder of the day and feedback was tremendous and very impactful. We have been able to carry her message into training and coaching sessions with ease. Aly was professional and a key part of our team’s experience. We would highly recommend her for future speaking opportunities as someone who conveys key concepts in a dynamic and executable manner, creating a positive experience for both event organizers and attendees.
Terry Thompson, Sun Life Financial
I was looking for an experienced speaker to educate and inspire our audience who had walked the entrepreneurial path as well. We met Aly Pain in May, 2014, as potential speaker for our one-day Vancouver event, focused on Turning Passion to Profit. After speaking with Aly Pain and sharing our intentions, content ideas and outcomes for the October event, I was certain she was the right person for the role.

She took a collaborative approach – creating a clear understanding of our ideas, the flow/timing for the day, and what worked for us in past events. Aly’s experience as a Business Coach and experience speaking to large groups was very beneficial to our process.

On the day of our event, Aly arrived early and was prepared with our agenda, while ensuring the technology was tested and ready without issue. She made time to meet participants, helped us set up and familiarize herself with other speakers.

From the moment she took the stage Aly was energetic, passionate and relatable, keeping the audiences attention and reading the room. She kept our speaker sessions impeccably on time and added relevant comments between each one.

Aly was professional and articulate, and a key part of our amazing audience experience. We would highly recommend her for future speaking opportunities as someone who conveys key concepts in a dynamic and digestible manner, creating a positive experience for both event organizers and attendees.

Leigh Mitchell , Founder & President of Women in Biz Network
At the time I decided to engage in coaching, I was employed doing what I was very successful at and being well rewarded financially. The only problem was after 25 years and one half billion dollars in transactions, I was not happy anymore and neither was my family. My hours were still long and although compensation reflected it, the emotional price of repeating the same processes over and over became too high; I need to address change.

During my time working with Aly Pain, I chose to take a sabbatical and give myself the space to be present to the process. This was far more difficult than I imagined after a quarter century of being exceedingly focused. The Coaching process allowed me to look more closely at my skills, and what I loved, and find the intersection. There were plenty of opportunities for me to jump at in that 9 months, no-brainers almost. That was the problem…no-brainers, the same road I had gone down before, nothing different. I was challenged not only to stay my new course, but delve deeper into what I really wanted to do and aligning that with what worked for my family. This meant addressing my entrenched beliefs about ‘how it should be’ and being open to new ways. I did plenty of research and networking during this process, and found there was a distinct need for my new venture.

I successfully started the Congruity Group 2011, combining my skills and experience with the positive impact I want to make. As the founder and managing director, Congruity places capital and helps small to medium size businesses through challenges like leadership succession, increasing profits, growth capital, aligned business models and creating high-performance teams.

Since making this shift, I feel more fulfilled with my work and the impact I am now creating. I would recommend Aly Pain as a coach to anyone looking to make a change. She was an integral part of helping me making the necessary and fulfilling change I needed.

Paul Poscente, Founder and Managing Director, Congruity Group
We recently held an Executive Retreat in Miami for the Senior members of our company from North and South America. Aly Pain was hired to be our team coach/facilitator on this venture.

The retreat was a kick-off to develop a new way for our company’s key technical staff to collaborate more effectively to leverage expertise. Our offices are located in vastly different areas and in addition to geographic distance, cultural and language boundaries add to the challenges to working together effectively. Historically, these difficulties have caused the organization to operate in geographic silos with little collaboration.

This retreat was the first of its kind for our company and we spent many hours in the planning process. Aly spent over 8 hours with us going over our topics and outcomes on the 2-day agenda, lending her 2 decades of facilitation and team coaching experience to ensure we struck the best
balance on all fronts. With an understanding of the dynamics of personnel attending, Aly’s perspective was integral in making sure we achieved the right balance of material in the agenda to keep a high level of engagement focused on the desired outcomes.

During the retreat, we used a translator for our Spanish-speaking members and Aly worked seamlessly with them to ensure a smooth meeting flow and full participation. Spending 2 days in a room with 14 other people can become long and tedious but Aly kept the agenda flowing and on schedule. Her style and energy resonated well with the group and despite long hours she maintained engagement and enthusiasm. We built relationship foundations while learning to work together to solve corporate issues and brainstorm new ideas. Our group solidified some guidelines going forward to establish more effective collaboration for some key processes.

Feedback on the retreat was very positive and it was considered a great success. At the conclusion the group said that they know each other much better, are far more likely to collaborate and there is increased trust among the group. In the months since, we have successfully built upon the foundation established in Miami and held collaborative meetings on projects that have led to significant improvements in design and improved capital efficiency.

I would highly recommend Aly as a Facilitator/Team Coach for your group. Please contact me at 403-817-1133 with questions or for further information.

Joseph Kuhach
When I first met with Aly Pain, I knew I needed her guidance but underestimated how much value this coaching experience would provide. Within just one meeting I began to appreciate her experience, her knowledge and her energy. Aly has helped me push through the limitations I created for myself, and helped me clarify my purpose and vision. After working hard for others for over 20 years, I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have my own vision and goals – and to be working towards them.
Hilary McMeekin, Corporate Communications
I had grown up in an alcoholic home and there was a lot of trauma. Aly was willing to go with me into that painful place, even though at times I wanted to give up. She was there for me, encouraging me to push through and always willing to listen. Before I started Coaching with Aly I was taking anti-depressants and was very tired of wearing the mask of a smile on my face when inside I was falling apart. Now, after just seven months, I feel a quiet confidence inside and I am physically active again with no anti-depressants. I am thankful for Aly’s great coaching skills and blessed to call her my friend.
Bonnie Swanton, Calgary
I am writing to provide a letter of introduction for my personal coach, Aly Pain, with whom I have been working for the past two years. Personal coaching and Aly’s positive approach have been very valuable for me in setting goals and applying my creativity to day-to-day challenges.
Personal coaching is a great option for employees in this day and age of increasing workloads and over-extended supervisors. Aly will be contacting in the future in order provide an overview of personal coaching and her contributions in this field.
Some things that I have appreciated about Aly include:

She is great at helping me generate goals and actions and then prompting me for follow up.
She is successful in drawing out insights about my skills and aspirations from our discussions.
She is flexible and sensitive to apply the coaching experience to all aspects of a client’s life – work, career, health, relationships, goals.
She is enthusiastic about her clients’ competencies and celebrates their successes.
She has a certification as a coach and has a wealth of techniques at her disposal that she applies Situationally.

I am available if you would like to talk to me more about this.

Rob Mackinnon, Project Manager, Engineering
Aly definitely exceeded our expectations. Her material and presentation style thoroughly captivated the audience. One of our audience members commented that she had been considering abandoning a business she loves in favor of something more stable. After hearing Aly speak, she shared that she felt inspired to keep pursuing her dreams.

Aly’s presentation style is interactive, passionate, and engaging. We posted a quote from Aly on our social media following the event which was widely shared through our network and assisted us in gaining new members.

We highly recommend Aly to any group seeking to educate and inspire its members.

Erica Wiens, Inspired Calgary
Aly has a way of infusing motivation! She is fabulous at zoning in on my passionate aspects of business to build a vision that she continuously never lets me forget! In adversity, she is excellent at helping me skate through the unattainable to produce a clear picture of how to take that next step when it seems unfathomable. Her speaking is clear and in those on-the-spot moments she comes up with the most powerful, tangible, concrete thoughts that further the action to the next step. Aly is a gem to have on my small-business advisory board for years to come.
Anonymous, Small Business Owner
Bringing Aly in to help us establish a foundation of communication with our teenage daughters has been invaluable. Her enthusiasm and energy was great and the girls really appreciated how she was able to help them represent their issues and they felt that she was able to help everyone get what they wanted. We would not hesitate to recommend her to any family that wants to deepen their relationships with each other.
Cindy Winther
It has been my privilege to work with Aly Pain on an issue which has haunted my family for years. We have been a family divided for a long time with some members not talking with each other for the last three years. As we had been to counseling a number of times in the past we were very pleased when this time things started to improve for us. Aly has provided us with the tools to use in moving on to a better relationship in the future. Through exercises she had us do, we realized what we all wanted our family to look like. In the past we had concentrated on what had been done and said during conflicts instead of how each of us had felt at that time. Hearing what the perception of a situation was, we were able to understand how a situation might have seemed to the other person. Aly was very instrumental in keeping us on topic and orchestrating our sessions so that everyone felt heard and acknowledged. I know we still have progress to make but with Aly’s help I am very optimistic that we will become a more cohesive family in the future.
Annemarie Quinn
Aly was very good at keeping everyone engaged. Never a dull moment and very informative! Aly was great!
Suncor Energy Women in Major Projects
Aly and I have worked together for more than two years. In that time, she has inspired and coached me to be a more effective leader as the President & CEO of Predator Drilling.

Aly has challenged me, supported me and given me the confidence to make the difficult decisions in my business. She has empowered me to confidently believe in myself and boldly share my vision. She has believed in me and my abilities and encouraged me to keep moving forward.

Aly has helped me to increase engagement and passion with not only my direct team but team Predator as a whole. This has created fantastic results for us. We are generating better financial results in this $40.00 oil environment that we did when oil was $100.00+ and with 27% less people. The level of performance excellence has allowed me to create a sweet spot strategy which uses high skill and high profit margin services and allows us to offer customers more and will change the market share as the economy picks up.

It is with great pleasure that I wholeheartedly endorse Aly to any company looking to increase their level of leadership and business development.

Shane Walper, President & CEO, Predator Drilling
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