I’ve never really addressed the brand change or the name change of this page, or my Facebook page. It took me a little bit of chewing on and rumbling to really get there. I think I can articulate it better from where I am now. Here’s what went down:

I’ve been really struggling for a while about calling my business by my personal name. As much as that might fill my ego, it doesn’t really help people to understand what I do. I think the term ‘coach’ really is very diluted; it’s very watered down. There’s a million different coaches and different types of coaching and that was making it even harder for me to articulate what I did. I wanted a strategy to put behind developing programs and courses and licensing them.

Let’s face it – Aly Pain Professional Coaching Services blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, that’s just way too long! It doesn’t get a zip. It doesn’t get you in the forehead, like an elastic, or like an earwig sucked up in your straw!

It happened to me, no joke. Yes, it was alive and at some point, in my mouth. EEEWWWWW!!!!

Anyway, I decided that I needed, that I wanted to change the name of my page, change the name of my business in a way that would reflect for people what I did better- they got it quicker, they had a sense of resonance with what I was talking about. Why do people call me? What’s the reason that I am working with people? People call me when things are going south.

“My business is on fire, I need help”

“I’m going to lose my sh*t if I don’t get some help here”

“I need you to fix my employee because they’re terrible”

Sound familiar to you?

People call me when things are going wrong and it hurts. They have a conflict, and 99% of the time it centres around relationships rather than something specific to their industry. That has allowed me to work with Business Owners from medical to legal, accounting to engineering firms. Relationships are everywhere, and when they don’t work it hurts.

If you have a relationship that doesn’t have conflict… come close: it’s not a relationship! There is always conflict in a relationship or one of you isn’t needed.

Saying that I was a relationship coach wasn’t really getting anybody. They were thinking, “run, run away, this person is going to woo woo powers to try and shrink my brain!” You’ve probably networked with someone and thought, “Ah… go, go quickly, take her card, shake her hand. Go away, go away now before she gets weird.” Relationship coach was NOT getting the response I was looking for.

I was on a phone call with a girlfriend of mine who I really respect and admire. She’s very successful and self-made in her own right. I was whining, whining, whine, whine. “Nobody gets what a relationship coach is. Nobody cares, nobody wants to talk to me (I’m sure what I sounded like). She’s being quiet and actually listening, (that’s a great friend right there) God love her. Suddenly she interrupts me and she says “Stop it, stop it right now! You’re not a relationship coach. You’re a conflict coach!”

It is like time stopped for a moment, time just absolutely stopped even though I know there were things that she said after that. In my head something just went click and I interrupted her and said “I have to go right now!”

That conversation was really the beginning. Her words were tipped the domino line in my brain. When I say to people- a conflict, it doesn’t matter what it is. Doesn’t matter if it’s their business, their family, their kids, their coworker, their spouse or within themselves. They have an instant, visceral sense of conflict.

I’m a Conflict Coach. It doesn’t mean I’m going to teach you to have more conflict. I’m going to teach you how to constructively be with conflict and resolve it. That’s what I’ve always done.

Leave me a comment below about how you currently feel about the change to The Conflict Coach!  I’d love to hear from you!

Holding possibility,